Our approach

Quality management

Today’s challenges in engineering place stringent requirements on business processes and their methods.

That’s why AUSY consulting has a fully visualized QM system, which documents all relevant business processes and methods. This system is continuously monitored and optimized. All employees receive regular trainings to ensure that processes and quality methods described in the system are observed in daily routine.

By means of quality management, cause analysis is performed constantly in order to advance the business performance and the quality system. To complement this, all employees are asked to participate in the employee suggestion system to improve operating processes and requirements.

In order to prove our performance continously, LEAN management methods are used, e.g. avoidance of waste in daily business with the help of DMAIC tools.

AUSY consulting is currently certified to EN 9100: 2016 and ISO 9001: 2015. In addition, our Design Organization possesses the "Airbus Approval for the Management and Cascade of the Design Organization Authority & Signatory".

Project management

Projects need to be well structured and effectively organized. A transparent organization, a clear allocation of responsibilities and a systematic approach guarantee the achievement of the required quality within set budget and deadline boundaries. In project management we assume responsibility regarding the performance of all involved parties and the common objective. Therefore, our project managers use their own tried and tested methods and tools - ensuring best results.

Not only efficient tools are necessary for the success of the project, but also the continuing qualification of our project managers regarding both organizational and social aspects. Our employees are our capital we gladly invest in. For this reason, we constantly improve and amend our extensive qualification program.

Our range of services includes:

  • project planning and organization
  • planning and tracking of project results and schedule
  • risk management
  • multi project and program management
  • international project management
  • task force management