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Implementing Innovations in a Growing Market

Worldwide shipping has enjoyed a period of growth for many years. Cruises as well as the shipping of goods by sea are becoming increasingly popular, which means that shipping companies worldwide are expanding and renewing their fleets. In addition, increasing environmental awareness and legal regulations are driving forward the development of efficient and low-emission drive systems.

AUSY consulting offers its shipbuilding customers a portfolio of services ranging from basic design (technical calculation and structure design), through coordination and detailing, all the way to production planning. AUSY benefits from more than 50 years of experience in the aerospace industry, especially when it comes to lightweight construction and designing and simulating aluminium, titanium and GRP/CFRP materials. Speciali topics such as welding and flow simulations are just as much a part of our portfolio as electrical design, electronic dimensioning and software development.

As a full-service engineering partner with industry expertise, we offer the following services in the shipbuilding sector:

  • Static strength testing
  • Verification of fatigue strength / fracture mechanics
  • Shock analyses
  • Natural frequency analyses
  • Calculation of outer skin flaps
  • Strength analyses of lake terraces
  • Strength and shock analyses
  • Hydroelastic design
  • Steel/mechanical construction
  • Ship systems engineering
  • Electrical construction and design

Let’s work together to get your projects on the water and benefit from our industry knowledge!

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