Renewable Energies

Windkraftanlagen im Sonnenuntergang
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AUSY consulting

Successfully Mastering the Energy Transition

Due to the increasing energy demand of our society and encouraged by the nuclear phase-out decided by the Federal Government as well as the general trend towards decarbonisation, renewable energy sources are on the rise. Germany is playing a pioneering role in this field among industrialised nations and represents radical and innovative ideas as this is the only way the Federal Government's ambitious goals can be achieved.

AUSY consulting offers its customers a range of services in the onshore and offshore wind sector, ranging from mechanical and electrical design, calculation and simulation, to production support and quality management. We are equally experienced in the design and construction of steel structures, lightweight construction, and designing GRP/CFRP components, areas which benefit greatly from our many years of expertise in the aerospace industry.
We have practical expertise in designing foundations, towers and tower equipment, pods, mechanical systems and wings. On-site support, e.g. for production planning, quality management and start-up, round off our portfolio.

As a full-service engineering partner with industry expertise, we offer the following services in the field of renewable energies:

  • Design and cost optimisation in the rear frame sector
  • Strength and damage tolerance analyses (including in the area of foundations)
  • Development of lightweight construction potential
  • Design support
  • Support in rotor blade development
  • Method development
  • Optimisation of manufacturing processes

Let’s energise your projects together and benefit from our industry knowledge!

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