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Developing the Mobility of the Future

Measured by sales, the automotive industry is Germany's most important industrial sector. The entire world is becoming increasingly mobile and it has never been so easy to get from one place to another safely, quickly and comfortably. Today's focus is clearly on environmentally-friendly vehicles. That's why our teams specialise in developing drive, control and steering technologies that further reduce emissions of pollutants.

As an engineering service provider, AUSY consulting offers its customers a portfolio of services ranging from production-oriented mechanical and electrical design, calculation and simulation, to production support and quality management. In this context, our experience ranges from vehicle interiors and designing active and passive safety systems, exteriors and lightweight construction, to designing electromechanical systems. Our main strength comes from our history in aerospace technology in terms of lightweight construction and designing and simulating aluminium, plastic and fibre composite materials.

As a full-service engineering partner with industry expertise, among other things we offer the following services in the field of automotive engineering:

  • Production or cost-optimised design
  • Fatigue strength analyses for metals, plastics and composites
  • Development and design of active and passive restraint systems
  • Tolerance analyses of various manufacturing processes
  • Connection evidence for adhesive, welding and screw connections
  • Crash simulations of frontal and side impacts
  • Generative manufacturing process
  • Realisation of lightweight construction potential
  • Design and development of electromechanical systems
  • Agile project management
  • Production-oriented process development
  • Consulting on innovation management
  • Design and implementation of connectivity and entertainment solutions

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