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Overcoming the Challenges of a Developed Market

Air travel is becoming affordable for more and more people, driving global air traffic to ever new passenger records. Capacity in airfreight is also constantly increasing. The world market dominating duopoly of aircraft manufacturers is therefore not facing the problem of developing new aircraft and customers do not have to be convinced of their safety. Rather, order books are bulging and the high safety requirements as well as the complexity of the production processes present challenges to the producers. Furthermore, environmentally friendly concepts are also finding their way into the aviation industry.

The focus is on maximising effectiveness and efficiency in the production process, as well as providing personalised customer- and upgrade-services. AUSY consulting supports in all aspects of the value chain in the aviation sector and stands for professionalism and quality thanks to its many years of expertise.

The European aerospace industry has undergone massive changes due to the re-entry of Boeing and the political decision to develop two new versions of the Ariane 6 launch vehicle. Not only the increased competition, but also new technical developments and the increased demands on the performance of the satellites are challenges that we have to overcome on a daily basis.

As preferred supplier for leading companies in the industry, the AUSY Group is well-equipped to overcome these obstacles thanks to extensive industry knowledge and cross-industry expertise. Our own service center also plays an important role. It's where mission simulations and analyses as well as the elevation and orbit control of spacecraft are carried out.

As a full-service engineering partner with industry expertise, we offer the following services in the aerospace sector:

  • End-to-end development and realisation of monuments, seats and interior paneling
  • Mechanical and electrical development, design and system integration
  • New development of cabins
  • System development
  • Retrofitting of aircraft cabins
  • VIP cabin retrofitting
  • Design and implementation of connectivity and entertainment solutions
  • Embedded software development
  • Virtual reality presentation of the integration of product groups
  • Test facility development as well as simulation and performance of tests and qualifications
  • Innovative manufacturing processes

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