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In order to integrate the innovations developed by engineers across various industrial sectors into existing processes not only quickly, but above all with maximum efficiency and effectiveness and to ensure their success, AUSY consulting supports its customers with extensive consulting know-how.

Quality management

Our quality managers are constantly working to optimise the quality of services, products, processes and materials in order to implement our clients' requirements on site. The goal is to generate high product quality with minimal quality costs and shorter lead time to ensure the long-term sustainability of the company. Quality management needs to begin right at the start of the development process, instead of only intervening during production, so as to guarantee effective manufacturing processes. Our employees are continuously analysing business and manufacturing processes to ensure high quality and to minimise weak points and waste. It is therefore possible to not only take corrective measures early on, but also to preventively improve the quality.

Project management

Projects need to have a clear structure and agreed targets. Transparent organisation, a clear distribution of responsibility and a systematic approach ensure that high quality is achieved within tight deadlines and cost limits. As project managers, we assume responsibility for the optimal timing of performance of all those involved to achieve the common goal. Our project managers use field-tested methods and tools for the best results. Not only the use of efficient tools is required for the success of the project. The ongoing qualification of project managers is also very important - be it in methodological or social terms. Our employees are our capital in which we like to invest. In addition, our versatile qualification measures are constantly being developed and supplemented.

Supply chain management

As a global company, we pay special attention to our supply chain management and are able to translate our standards to the needs of the customer on site. In order not to jeopardize the planning and control of the value chain, AUSY consulting emphasizes comprehensive collaboration because supply chain management does not end at the company borders. In order to improve the client's liquidity, reduce warehousing costs and inventory and secure delivery dates as well as ordering and scheduling processes, our supply chain managers are constantly working on high-quality process networking, short process times, holistic logistics and on the master records of ERP systems.

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